NUNCYSPUNGEN's MTV siesta appearance with john joe at MTV Phils. will be aired today in the afternoon at around 4pm philippine time, and the live performance video of the song ID and the interview with john joe can be viewed at www.fiestamundo.com starting on may 21, 2005 and maybe up for a week or two.


hey guys, as most people know NUNCYSPUNGEN will be going to manila for their 4th tour in luzon. this time around, lots of good things are gonna happen.. first of all, the band has been invited to be featured in MYX and MTV. they will be featured on Rock MYX and MTV Siesta and will be promoting the release of their new single 'are you a killer?' and the launch of the new video of the single 'id'. this is all in preparation for the new album that will be launched this year. along with these developments, NUNCYSPUNGEN will be playing these gigs in manila..(more gigs will be posted as soon as its confirmed).

april 23, 2005
NU107 Summer Shebang @ Island Cove, Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. The Dawn, Tropical Depression, Sponge Cola, Sugarfree, Radioactive Sago Project, Sandwich, Paramita, Nuncyspungen, The Ambassadors, Kapatid, Bridge, Jeepney Joyride, Wickermoss, Fingertrap, and more. entrance at P150, text 0919-6945438 / 0922-5202346 for tickets.

april 24, 2005
Sunday Grabe Sunday @ Mayric's, Espana, Manila. Twisted Halo, Sheila and the Insects Nuncyspungen, The Ambassadors The Pin-Up Girls & Bagetsafonik.

april 27, 2005
@ Gweilo's Eastwood, Libis Twisted Halo, Sheila and the Insects, The Ambassadors & Nuncyspungen

april 28, 2005
guesting at MYX in rock myx with vj iya and hosting of star myx. in rock myx, NUNCYSPUNGEN will be performing 3 of their songs in acoustic vibe, namely DROWN, YEAR OF THE QUIET SUN & ONE GRAND OF SOMETHING (piano version) plus interview with vj iya and the band will be hosting in star myx.

april 30, 2005

may 2, 2005
at mtv phils., mtv siesta appearance with john joe...interviews plus 1 live performance of the song ID, to be aired on may 14, 2005.

nuncyspungen is busy preparing their follow-up to the 2003 self-titled release.. 3 songs have been finished and will be debuting in the upcoming north tour right after the successful PLAN B event. Hopefull the band will be recording the first two songs at Wombworks, Louie Talans' studio in manila with kerryl demterio at the mixing pult.


NUNCYSPUNGEN will now have a mini tour in the northern part of the country (luzon) together with AMBASSADORS from cebu..details of it soon.


NUNCYSPUNGEN will be on a mini tour called "PLAN B - attack of the giant south" - it's a visayas & mindanao tour (cebu: march 5, iligan: march 10, cagayan de oro: march 11 & davao: march 12) with URBAN DUB, AMBASSADORS and all the other bands from cebu, cdo, iligan & davao like GO LARRY GO, FASTPITCH and many many more. this is officially brought to you by LIGHTER RECORDS. so watch out for it!


NUNCYSPUNGEN is back in full force, with abe (drummer) back in the line-up for the 1st time today since he left for manila last december 2004. so 1st stop is on the way, a gig with POWERSPOONZ at san juanito square on feb.4, 2005.


PUNCHBOWL philippines (bar) at san agustin st., cagayan de oro has finally opened last dec. 8 and since then many locals have come to watch the shows that's been happening there like yesterday's vagina monologue and performances of bands like TABULARAZA, SWERVE, KARMA and many more, and ofcourse NUNCYSPUNGEN who played 2 of their newest unreleased songs and the song "DROWN" with URBAN DUB's vocals gabby alipe and former GLITCH & CAPSULE guitars bangin atienza on turn tables. an upcoming big show also this saturday, dec. 18 would be a blast once again as many other local talents would perform like PEACHFUZZ and others. see posters & ads for more details. support the local talents, peace!


NUNCYSPUNGEN is extending its condolences to the bereaved family of sir dal. ian dal's (K9 drummer) father died yesterday from his long embattled sickness. ian dal is a close friend and an official tech of the band. let each one of us, who are a friend to ian, offer a prayer for the eternal repose of his father's soul. thank you.


to all Cagay-anons, NUNCYSPUNGEN albums or CDs are once again available at NGS Video & Music, after a brief shortage of stocks. so avail now for a copy of your own. support local talents!


NUNCYSPUNGEN will be giving away a number of copies/cd's of their latest 'home studio' recorded track "One Grand of Something" tonight, October 22, at GHANA (the site, limketkai). the single track is a different interpretation (semi-accoustic) from the original, which is currently played on selected fm radio station/s. if you want that free copy, you can have the chance to own one if watch the show tonight! so see you all there.


NUNCYSPUNGEN again will be performing live tonight, October 22, at GHANA (the site, limketkai). the show dubbed as "acoustic101" starts around 9pm and will also feature other local bands like TABULARAZA, PEACHFUZZ, etc. expect a different vibe tonight with the band's different interpretation of their songs. the show is sponsored by sandy 101.5.


NUNCYSPUNGEN will play live tomorrow night (Oct. 2) at club mojo. they will play alongside manila's heavy metal act SKYCHURCH & cdo's K9 and the rest of the local talents here in the city and iligan. show starts around 9pm & NUNCYSPUNGEN is scheduled to play only 3 of their songs at 1:40am and SKYCHURCH for the main event, a full set at 2:00am. all the rest of the schedules, the webmaster failed to get.


to zarrin, our old friend back here in cdo who's now in costa rica, thanks so much for the comments! just read the news/message below for the answers to your questions or go to the contact page of this site..keep in touch!


hey, if you remember, NUNCYSPUNGEN was featured in PULP MAGAZINE's December 2002 and December 2003 issues (what's with the month?), just reminding everyone. so if you guys wanna check it out, just look for the magz, in old stocks!


to all the fans in metro manila, NUNCYSPUNGEN cd's can be bought at Tower Records and Music One music stores, while for those who are outside the country & wanted to have a copy of their album, just log on to www.indieculturerecords.net and buy online. (their cd's are sold at $ 9.99 each)


NUNCYSPUNGEN right now is on the "relax mode" as a band after a busy sked in august brought by the city's fiesta celebration, kadayawan festivities, and others. the group is yet to meet this month and they're hoping to finally find time to sit down and write new songs. everyone is busy with school, work and others (personal, family, community activities). some of the guys have not even seen each other since the Aug. 28 gig. hopefully, as october is fast approaching, they could meet as a group..so to all the fans, keep on supporting local indie music! i'll keep you posted.


happy fiesta cagayan de oro! NUNCYSPUNGEN will play live at the limketkai parking lot for the city's fiesta celebration, together with BAMBOO and cagayan de oro's own PEACHFUZZ. the show starts at 8:30pm. NUNCYSPUNGEN will play last at 11:30pm. the show is brought to us mainly by SMART Communications. see you all there! peace!


it's now 11:30pm and NUNCYSPUNGEN has just arrived back home from their trip to davao city. they left the place at around 5:30pm after short visits at the malls in the city in the afternoon. the band would like to thank monster radio davao and the rest of the crew for the wonderful experience they had playing at one of the premier cities in the country as well as the bands they played and hung-out with, GO LARRY GO and the others, to the fans who bought their cd's, who took pictures of the group during practice and the gig as well and to all the people who graced the show (especially to those who waited long after the busted bass guitar amp!). special thanks also go out to monster radio's TINAY, the band's nanay (for the day), for guiding the group all day in their stay there in davao...USBAW LABAW DABAW!


hey, NUNCYSPUNGEN is currently in davao city, a 6 hr. ride from cagayan de oro. they left the city at 6:30am and arrived at 12:30pm. they are invited by monster radio davao and will be performing as main act at iron horse, rizal st. for the annual kadayawan festivities. GO LARRY GO of davao will also be performing and some of davao's finest. this would be the band's 1st time to play in the said city. they are housed right now at a very nice hotel (according to the band) called ORANGE GROVE. the show starts at around 9pm, and they will be promoting their album as usual. copies of their cd's can be bought at the venue. so, see you all there!


NUNCYSPUNGEN just cancelled their gig (Aug. 20, 2004) at the sm city cagayan vacant lot for chuck (bassist) to fully recover from his injured left index finger due to a cut from a knife days before. the band wouldn't want to risk the situation and further aggravate the said injury pending their trip to davao city tomorrow. prior to that, chuck couldn't avoid but aggravated the injury during the band's practice 2 days ago, opening the wound anew and bleeding badly while playing the bass guitar. they were able to practice only 2 songs before they called a stop.


NUNCYSPUNGEN "unintentionally" launched its friendster account at www.friendster.com on the 1st week of july 2004. it was unintentional since the account was supposedly made by an individual who used the webmaster's email address mynuncy@yahoo.com without its permission, therefore it was taken over by the webmaster inorder to ensure and safeguard the band's name. everybody in friendster is welcome to be connected as friends of the band.


NUNCYSPUNGEN would like to say special thanks to "the amazing" grace of www.brutalgrace.com for the pictorial and the shots she gave the band at Fete. bilib ang grupo sa'yo! keep up the art! kudos sa'yo at sa mahiwaga mong camera hehehe! brutal ka talaga! for more of the band's pics, visit www.brutalgrace.com


it's now 9:00pm & NUNCYSPUNGEN just had an interview with dj tony minelli & played live on air at 89.3 killerbee bay area for the station's "tunog kalye" program. it was an unplugged/semi-accoustic jam that gave a different vibe of their songs. the jam was played by phil on lead vocals, lourd on piano & backing vocals, ludwig on guitars and abe on beats & background vocals. chuck did answer some of the emails by fans. it was a successful show with emails responding from individuals who tuned in to the station. thanks to the killerbee and dj's tony and jack fryday and to the people who tuned in to the station & took time sending emails for the band.


NUNCYSPUNGEN just arrived from manila and they would like to thank the many individuals who bought their album/cd's and all the people who supported them throughout their stay there, especially to alex "phatboy" lim & 'sir' ace rivera (lighter records/lighter press) and all the bands & friends from manila whom they got to perform and hung-out with. the incident that happened at Fete was rather forgettable, sudden heavy downpour caused most of the shows to be cancelled. somehow NUNCYSPUNGEN was able to play at the BLUES stage (instead of the ROCK stage) right after the band Blue Jean Junkies, while the other events overall were a success especially the IN THE RAW interview at NU 107 station with francis brew and pictorials with grace of www.brutalgrace.com at eastwood, libis.


to all the fans who are currently in manila, NUNCYSPUNGEN just arrived and will be having a lot of shows, an interview and maybe even a pictorial. here's their current sked :

thursday-june 17.04 : MAYRIC'S in espana
friday-june 18.04 : BIG SKY MIND in q.c.
saturday-june 19.04 : FETE DE LA MUSIQUE in eastwood, libis
sunday-june 20.04: NU 107'S IN THE RAW interview

the sked is final but if there's any changes, i'l keep you posted. for more questions, feel free to email or sign the guestbook.


NUNCYSPUNGEN will be performing this coming friday, June 11, at GHANA(the site). the semi acoustic show starts around 9pm and will also feature other local bands like TABULARAZA, etc. expect a different vibe this coming friday with the band's different interpretation of their songs. for more details, stay tuned to sandy 101.5.


NUNCYSPUNGEN is currently launching the new album which is distributed by LIGHTER RECORDS. if you want a copy, feel free to approach any of the band members or email me at mynuncy@yahoo.com or lighterrecords@mail.com . the album which was mixed and mastered by kerryl demetrio of smooth friction has 9 tracks namely: daybreak, year of the quiet sun, message, one grand of something, oshime, id, memory verse, goa and drown. it's up for grabs at 200 bucks and i hope you'll get your own copy and continue supporting independent music.


welcome to the newly refurbished nuncyspungen website! with the album launching going on, i guess it's also the right time to launch the new design. by the way, nuncyspungen's official website was first created in the year 2000 & has been redesigned/restructured a few times before. so that means, their website has been into existence for 4 years now or more.

well, i'm still in the process of improving the content of this site so just keep in touch and i'll keep you posted. for comments and suggestions, feel free to email me at mynuncy@yahoo.com.